What others say about us

Steve Cruse

My son has been training in Kung fu and kickboxing for just over 2 years with these great coaches. In that time he has travelled the country entering comptetions. The trainers have helped him from the bottom of his categories to the top. It’s not just his sporting life that’s improved but his respect, attitude and whole character has gone through the roof. I would highly recommend this club to any parent. Top coaches and top club.

Steve CruseEPIC Portishead - Parent
Ian Clarke

My Daughter and son have been with EPIC now for 3 years, it has taught them great skills ,respect, control and discipline, as individuals and part of a group. They have both successfully worked through their gradings as Little Dragons and have moved onto an older group where they have been welcomed and are enjoying the challenge. The trainers give their full attention and are passionate about everything they do. Very proud to be part of EPIC Martial Arts

Ian ClarkeEPIC Portishead - Parent
Nick Olive

Andy’s classes are the perfect mix of fun and fitness. With a really mixed group everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and the atmosphere is brilliant as the whole class gets involved with circuits, technique and sparing (only if you want to!). These are the perfect classes if you are a beginner wanting to give the sport a try but you won’t be bored if you have done this before!

Nick OliveEPIC Bradley Stoke Student
Sian Andrews

Two and a half years ago I underwent a partial knee replacement, still have arthritis in the remaining part. A year ago my childrens amazing instructors persuaded me to give the class a go. I now do two classes a week (body combat and boxercise). My fitness levels have increased, my knee is stronger and I have lost 31lbs so far. Brilliant classes and instructors.

Sian AndrewsCombat Conditioning - Student
Danielle Webb

Its coming up to three years that I’ve been training in martial arts. Since I started training with this team both my fitness and my confidence has improved dramatically!! The dedicated instructors have put 110% effort into me and helping me achieve my goals, even when I’ve wanted to give up and have come up against struggles, they never gave up on me and pushed me through the other side. Not once have they ever seen my dwarfism as a problem nor as a reason for me not to continue training even when my body really struggled. They adapt to everyone and focus on everyone’s strengths... At epic martial arts it’s all about what you can do and what you can achieve. They’ve taught me so much both physically and personally, my determination has increased and with such a dedicated team so has my motivation. Without a doubt recomend EPIC… Come and join our dream team.

Danielle WebbEPIC Portishead - Student
Donna Smith

My 8 year old daughter has been attending lessons with Andy Gill & Ben Gill since January 2014.  During this time she has achieved both her white belt and blue belt due to the support and encouragement from her trainers.  I have been continually impressed with the attention to detail they have put into every training session and gradings/competitions alike.  Their easy manner ensures that each child is given as much individual attention as necessary and ensures the children are comfortable enough to approach either one of them with any questions, queries or concerns. I am positive that without the love of the sport that all the trainers have, they would not be able to engage the children as they always seem to do. I, and more importantly, my daughter would not want to train with anyone else. Keep it up lads.

Donna SmithEPIC Bradley Stoke - Parent
Abel Woodley

Oscar has been attending Andy’s martial arts classes for a couple of years. He very much enjoys attending these classes, looking forward to it every week! They have helped build his confidence, giving him discipline and new skills. They also get graded every couple of months to show off the skills they have learnt to family & friends, from which you continue to see improvement. I would recommend any child from any back ground or temperament to attend them.

Abel WoodleyEPIC Portishead - Parent
Mike Andrews

“When ìn 1989, a friend of mine at university was mugged on the streets of Manchester,  we resolved to learn a defensive martial art.  As students, there was no shortage of martial arts classes at uni, so we decided to try a few of them. Ultimately we chose Lau Gar kung fu as it offered a combination of multiple defensive moves including against weapons, distance-maintaining attacks and emphasis on physical fitness and flexibility.

When a few years back, my youngest son expressed a desire to take up a martial art, we were pleasantly surprised that Lau Gar kung fu was and still is available in the local area.  After a few lessons, my eldest daughter wanted to take it up too.  Now both have ‘middle sashes’ and have won numerous medals in competition.  The resulting skill and discipline has reaped benefits for them in many areas of life including improved confidence and focused achievement at school.  With the help of their primary instructors, Andy and Ben, and with my children’s continued effort and commitment, I have faith that they can achieve future black sashes perhaps before they are 18!

The standard of teaching within the classes is beyond comparison, many of the classes are run by or guest world-class kung fu and kick-boxing competitors, who successfully practice what they teach every day.  Their example is an inspiration for a new generation of aspiring junior and assistant instructors, even parents joining in too (my wife included), who will no doubt take the club forward for many years to come.   You will not be disappointed, so give it a go!”.

Mike Andrews EPIC Bradley Stoke - Parent