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After being involved in a horrific fire work accident just over 2 months ago EPiC student Harrison Doyle returned to training against all odds.

His injuries left it very uncertain that he would ever be able to do sports again but Harrison had other ideas. He has had multiple surgery’s and a disfigurement that would beat most young men.

At EPiC we teach far more than just technical skills and physical fitness. An attitude of resilience and tenacity is crucial to becoming a champion. This European Gold Medalist has certainly showed how the same mental strength can be used outside aswell as in the ring. Harrison has trained with us since the age of three and since then travelled the world winning some of the most prestigious kickboxing titles but this is by far his biggest achievement.

To get knocked down so hard but stand back up so quickly, dust himself off and smile in the face of adversity demonstrates everything EPiC Martial Arts and Fitness is about.

Harrison you are a credit to our club and we have found new levels of inspiration from your story. Keep smiling Jeff and don’t ever stop being the cheeky chappy we know and love. Like last night you will not be treated differently and you will not be given an easy ride. In fact now you have shown just how tough you are we are going to push your more. In the meantime we want to tell you how proud we are of you and remind you that your EPiC family will always be there for you.

Keep chasing your dreams young man and never let anything or anyone stop you from catching them ????

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