Team EPIC got together for a club photo shoot

On Monday 1st September all of our clubs and instructors came together for a photo shoot to gather images for our new website and club marketing material. The event was lots of fun and we got some EPIC shots.

Check out the “photo gallery” to see what went down.

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EPIC Senior Coach strikes gold again

EPIC Senior Coach strikes gold again!

gio 12 EPIC Coach Gio Marchese is not only a top motivational Instructor he is still leading by example when it comes to competing, as he recently added to his already considerable haul of titles by capturing 3 gold medals at the prestigious WKU World Championships. Competing in multi-disciplines takes strength, stamina and focus but Gio maintained all three across the championships whilst also displaying his versatility to top the podium for both the Traditional Kumite Karate and the continuous Kickboxing and then playing his part for the England Men’s Team to ensure that they won gold as well. gio w1 Beating fighters from Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Greece, Germany and England to win his titles it proved a brilliant Championship for the EPIC stalwart and is further proof of the pedigree and ability of the EPIC coaching team. Well done Gio, you did us all proud! gio w  If you would like to train with Gio contact us today.