First comp of 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, As you know we begin our competition circuit for 2016 on Saturday (a week from today) as we host the little dragons and kids beginner inter-club at HQ! This is the perfect introduction to sparring and we expect to see everybody who attends the sparring academy who is a little dragon or […]

Happy New Year @TeamEPiCMA

Hello ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls..

Firstly on behalf of all at EPIC Martial Arts we would like to wish you all a happy new year, a big welcome back and hope that you enjoy 2016 as much as we will!

A very warm welcome to all who have joined us at the start of this coming successful year! A new surge of Energy, Positivity, Inspiration and ultimately Confidence for you all to take in, embrace and develop.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 14.52.08For those of you who were at the New year training blast on 3rd Jan you will recall Andy Cleeves talking about setting goals and having a clear plan to achieve them. This is something that we promote through our personal training page. If you would like to have some help setting your goals then please contact us on the link below. We have constant updates on nutrition, training tips and advice as well as motivation. All you have to do is LIKE the page and please if you do find it useful leave a review so we know you are using it!

As well as this don’t forget we also have instructors who can assist with personal training, you can book in sessions with a member of our very competent team through the page.

Next, as you all know there are a lot of events coming up this year. We have competitions, gradings, summer camp, training days, the next instalment of Total Valour and much more to look forward to in 2016.

The first event of the year was the new EPIC tradition: the NEW YEAR BLAST. What a session! 3 hours of intense exercise, pad work, sparring and motivation. There was well over 30 people burning off their Christmas bellies!! Even Steve Cruse was there so next year we expect to see you all! If you want to see pictures from the event then they are up on our Facebook page and you can link to that just below. As always please like and share your thoughts on what we do in the review section. We are having a big push to try and reach 2000 likes in the coming months so if you want to help out please share the page too! Thanks in advance.


Our next event is going to be a new one, a beginners sparring event which is completely in-house. All EPIC students with the instructors refereeing. The little dragons and beginners inter-club competition is now open for registration and we need them in fast if you are interested as the event is the 16th! Only 9 days away! To enter simply pass the following details onto your instructor: name, club, age, height, weight and grade.

There will be entrance music for the finals and spectators are granted free entrance. This can be a massive confidence booster for each student and offers them a real opportunity to test the skills they have been learning. It also gives coaches an accurate measure of what needs to be improved for each student which is vital to their development. We aim to create all round competitors and this is where it starts for most! It’s also valuable experience on the mats for beginners who want to progress eventually onto the national competitions. Please get in touch with your instructor for more info! The event will feature a range of divisions for all age groups and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards in all sections and the cost is just £10 per competitor. It will take place from 2pm-4pm at EPIC HQ, Portishead. You can find out more on our events page on the website (click the following link)

Our seasoned competitors have two national competitions coming up.

Firstly, the KWON (first event- out of 3) is in Birmingham on the 17th January. Last year several of our students took gold medals from this event. A fantastic effort from all who attended then but lets better it this year. More information on the KWON for those who are attending here: Each competitor needs to register themselves here: KWON REGISTRATION and you can browse the divisions here: KWON DIVISION LIST



Secondly the Watford Open on January 31st. This is quite a large competition which hosts international competitors. Please wish our team luck as we travel across to Watford to compete at this national event. More information again on this link: You can also find information on divisions and schedules via The W.O.N Facebook Event.

The first grading of the year will take place on January 30th! This event will take place at Gordano school in Portishead (The address is on the link below this paragraph).

The little dragons grading will start at 10am and costs £15. The kids Kung fu and Kickboxing gradings are for the first 3 grades only and is £27. The adults kickboxing is for the first 3 grades and is also a cost of £27. The day will include a formal presentation and demonstrations from our coaching team. Please feel free to bring family and friends to celebrate your or your child(ren’s) progress.


For more information please follow this link:

Back in November we put on the very first Total Valour event which was a success, with memorable moments for some of our team. Huge wins for Jordan Sage, Blaise Penny-Kirkwood and a fantastic opening team vs team bout with our kids set the stage for a great event. As some of you may remember there was a fantastic bout between Chris Djaelani and Jye Allen as the headline event.


The next instalment will be on Saturday 9th April, if you want to participate then you need to get your application in now- please contact Andy Cleeves directly or speak to your instructor who will do so on your behalf. We need the same details as before, name, height, weight, age and fight experience. This will fill up fast so don’t delay!

On Friday February 5th we will be launching our new course which is in partnership with MANTIS. MANTIS stands for Manage Any Nasty Trouble In Society and is aimed at children aged between 6-16. The course will cost £49 to EPIC students and £79 for non epic students. We will run the class at the HUB (EPIC HQ) and this course comes with an educational DVD (worth £20) that you will be required to practice at home during the course. It will run on subsequent Friday’s (apart from March 4th due to the Irish open) and the course will end on April 1st. This is a major course and is advisable to all students due to the anti-bullying training it will provide. We have been selected as an academy to have exclusive rights over the entire county on teaching this. As part of the programme we will go into schools and teach the course. Andy Cleeves and Matt Roberts will deliver the courses which is based on self defence against people both smaller and the same size but also works against people much bigger than you.  To find out more about this or to book onto the course please contact Andy, matt or email Jane on


10313814_508178922693290_2497737636781175338_nMost of you would have heard by now about the monthly meets. We are encouraging you all to head to the adults monthly meet classes at HQ (hub gym- Portishead) for an extra session and to meet the rest of the team. These are incredibly technical sessions and involve good fitness and sparring! The next one is January 18th, we should be seeing you all there! We are one family.

Just to make you all aware that our summer camp will be in mid-June this year. No fixed date or location has been set yet but expect announcements a little later on as we work to make this year the best one yet. Please leave some time in the middle of June for this.

Here is a list of dates for you to consider for events:











13 KWON 2


20 CIMAC (Adidas Open)








23 Jadi Tention SEMINAR


As always please follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter on the following links:


**** If you are not yet a member of our Facebook student forum and are on Facebook please let us know so we can add you to the group. ****

This group has all the latest information posted in and is easier to stay up to date with all things epic.

Have a great week, month and year. We will keep you up to date and please feel free to enquire about anything that you need to know.

Team EPIC.