🖤 EPiC Start To Fighting 2020 💛

On Friday we took a team of 9 to Venice for the 2020 season opener, the Golden Glove 👊🏻

The squad consisted of Sean MacDonald, Teia Doyle, Ellie Doyle, Harvey Pollard, Rhiannon Bater, Ryan Chapman, Connor Chapman, Finlay Cozens and Matt Roberts. The coaching team was Matt Roberts and Rakan Sabbah.

Firstly to allow you to understand the results better here is a key to refer to:
U9 – under 9 years
YC – Younger Cadets (10-12 years)
OC – Older Cadets (13-15 years)
SM – Senior Male (18-35 years)
PF – Points Fighting
LC – Light Continuous
‘Clear’ – beat opponent by 10 points (thus counts as a TKO defeat)

Teia Doyle started the weekend off with a cracking opening performance to secure a gold in her -37kg LC division. Through great movement and slick lead hand attacking she went on to secure further golds on day 2 in her YC -28kg PF, YC -32kg PF and YC -37kg PF divisions. She stepped up to fight in the OC -32kg PF division and battled her way to the final but lost narrowly to take a silver. Her performances and results earned her the ‘fighter of the weekend’ accolade, with both coaches agreeing unanimously.

Teia‘s results
YC -37 LC : 1st
YC -28 PF : 1st
YC -37 PF : 1st
YC -32 PF : 1st
OC -32 PF : 2nd

Connor Chapman and his younger brother Ryan stepped onto Italian mats for the first time and adapted very well. With Ryan spending his first season in the YC ranks this year, it was always going to be a tough task after winning several major accolades in the U9s last year (including British Champs and Irish Open) but he settled well early on with two crushing displays to ‘clear’ his opening opponents, before coming up against a strong British fighter and taking a bronze. He added another bronze to his tally on day 2 to come away on the podium. Connor took his LC division apart, stopping both of his opponents with inspiring athleticism and brute accuracy. A fantastic sweep in the final summarised his performance well as he dismantled his opponent to take gold in the YC -47kg LC. He also added a bronze on day 2.

Ryan’s Results:
YC -37 LC : 3rd
OC -37 PF : 3rd

Connor’s Results:
YC -47 LC : 1st
YC -47 PF : 3rd

Harvey ‘Pingu’ Pollard started his 2020 season knowing that this would be one of his final competitions in the U9s as he will be 10 shortly, so he stepped up to his new YC categories too. Day 1 was a tough day but he started day 2 with some strong performances against a Solid Russian opponent in the U9 -29kg LC division but came up against an even stronger fighter in the final. He was moving well and scoring solid combinations before a controversial refereeing call meant he lost points and couldn’t quite muster up the technique to turn it around in the final 30 seconds, taking silver. He came back strong in his U9 -27kg PF category and weaved his way through the rounds with some memorable victories and won the final with flare to record a season-opening gold!

Harvey’s Results:
U9 -27 PF : 1st
U9 -29 LC : 2nd
YC -28 PF : 2nd
YC -32 PF : 3rd

Rhiannon Bater started 2020 by battling back against a tough opponent and current world champion. She was drawn against her twice on a tough weekend and lost to her by 1 point in her final bout of the weekend in the semi-finals of her OC -65kg PF category to secure a bronze. She moved much better and countered a very awkward leg (the other girl is a strong kicker) very effectively. She pulled out an aggressive front-foot style in her LC division, which saw her progress to the semi-finals before falling to the division winner in the semi-finals. She claimed a bronze in all 3 of her categories.

Rhiannon’s results:
OC -65 LC : 3rd
OC -65 PF : 3rd
OC +65 PF : 3rd

Finlay Cozens stepped onto the mats on day 1 just a couple of hours after touching down in Italy but got straight to work, powering through his first two opponents in style. He was aggressive and ruthless in his style and landed some solid combinations before narrowly losing in the Final in a great match. Fin, nicknamed ‘flingo’, also waded straight into his opponent in round 1 of his OC -63kg LC category, which epitomises his maturing mentality and at times he moved effortlessly across the tatami, which goes to show his intelligence with distance. He went on to take a bronze to add to his earlier silver.

Finlay’s Results:
OC -57 LC : 2nd
OC -63 LC : 3rd

Ellie Doyle took on some tough divisions in the OC -47kg weights for both styles. She had some tough calls go against her but ultimately couldn’t find form in the PF divisions but she fared better in the LC -47kg LC category. She moved smoothly and attacked off of the line, which made it difficult for her opponents to counter. She was leading her semi-final but slipped to a couple of good combinations by her opponent, who was displaying quality kicking. She fell short by just 2 points, taking home a bronze medal.

Ellie’s results:
OC -46 LC : Bronze

Sean MacDonald battled against some quality opponents in his earlier rounds, schooling them with slick movement and gaining great distance with his lead leg kicks. Scoring with long blitzes and following his shots up well, he went through to the semi finals. He unfortunately didn’t adapt quickly enough to an awkward-kicking Italian, who was 5-0 up before Sean started to work him out, which was too late by then. Sean ended up fighting against the same fighter again in his next division. He fought him differently and was holding a quality 1-0 lead until his opponent was scored a 2-point technique when Sean had blocked well, but he got on with the fight- not using a judging mistake as an excuse. He went on to lose 2-1 but took the defeat amazingly well, which shows his maturity.

Sean’s Results:
YC -37 PF : Bronze
OC -37 PF : Bronze

Coach and fighter Matt Roberts was selected, along with 23 of the other top fighters at the tournament to make a 24-man roster for the ‘Kombat Zone’. The arena came to a standstill for this event, a first-to-score tournament which is fast-paced and exciting. Matt didn’t secure the win, but went on to win in a nail-biting first round against a strong Italian in his SM -94kg PF category. He countered with a strong kick with 3-seconds to go. After stopping his quart-final opponent with a brutal back-kick, he lost to the current European Champion in the semi-finals to claim a bronze. He cleared both of his first-round and second-round opponents in the SM +94kg category before losing to the current world champion in the semi-finals. Matt took a silver in the SM -89kg LC category on day 1.

Matt’s results:
SM -89 LC : Silver
SM -94 PF : Bronze
SM +94 PF : Bronze

The advanced fighting squad move on to the Watford Open Nationals (WON) on Sunday 26th January.

Dell Primary School Assembly

Coaches Kameron Doyle & Emma ET Thomas spending their afternoon @DellPrimarySchool teaching the value of respect using martial arts and spreading more @TeamEPiCMAF #energy #positivity #inspiration #confidence 💛🖤

EPiC : All walks of life

💛 EPiC: All walks of life 🖤

We’ve had an exciting week welcoming new members to our Portishead Gym 🙌🏻 we’ve seen new faces in classes, met amazing people and had the pleasure of welcoming professional sports people to the gym too 🐝

Local Portishead lad Ollie Clarke is a professional footballer, who plays for Bristol Rovers. Having made over 220 appearances for the gas and spending his entire professional career there (with a couple of loan spells), Ollie has found that our facilities are perfect for his needs 🖤💛

We are proud to welcome people from all walks of life, welcome to the EPiC team Ollie 👊🏻

If you’d like to come down and take a look around and discover why our gym works for everyone then call us on 07802 666 239 or visit our website on www.epicmartialarts.co.uk

EPiC Promotions

A huge EPiC congratulation to Connor Groome, Jess Andrews and Harrison Doyle for their recent promotions. Both Connor and Jess have moved up from Junior Coaches to Assistant Coaches and Harrison has moved up from a Junior Assistant to a Junior Coach 👏🏽

We had a fantastic EPiC Junior Assistant and Junior Coach training session at our Bradley Stoke HQ yesterday. This is part of our extended monthly curriculum designed to teach transferable life skills to all of our young helpers and improve the delivery of the weekly lessons. We spent the session recapping on roles and responsibilities and goal setting for the year ahead 🎯🖤💛

As our organisation grows and evolves it is important that we adapt and improve. We believe that’s “if you are standing still you are going backwards” and in 2020 we won’t be walking we will be running or dancing 👊🏼💯

#energy #positivity #inspiration #confidence


EPiC Boxing Update

Very positive meeting this evening surrounding the birth of our @TeamEPiCMAF Englandboxing ABA team. The energy is certainly high and the EPiC Coaches Danny Butler, Rakan Sabbah, Gio Marchese and Andy Cleeves are excited for all ahead #TeamEPiCABA #beEPiC

✨ Tonight something special happened ✨

After being involved in a horrific fire work accident just over 2 months ago EPiC student Harrison Doyle returned to training against all odds.

His injuries left it very uncertain that he would ever be able to do sports again but Harrison had other ideas. He has had multiple surgery’s and a disfigurement that would beat most young men.

At EPiC we teach far more than just technical skills and physical fitness. An attitude of resilience and tenacity is crucial to becoming a champion. This European Gold Medalist has certainly showed how the same mental strength can be used outside aswell as in the ring. Harrison has trained with us since the age of three and since then travelled the world winning some of the most prestigious kickboxing titles but this is by far his biggest achievement.

To get knocked down so hard but stand back up so quickly, dust himself off and smile in the face of adversity demonstrates everything EPiC Martial Arts and Fitness is about.

Harrison you are a credit to our club and we have found new levels of inspiration from your story. Keep smiling Jeff and don’t ever stop being the cheeky chappy we know and love. Like last night you will not be treated differently and you will not be given an easy ride. In fact now you have shown just how tough you are we are going to push your more. In the meantime we want to tell you how proud we are of you and remind you that your EPiC family will always be there for you.

Keep chasing your dreams young man and never let anything or anyone stop you from catching them 🖤💛🙏🏽

EPiC Achievement for a worthy cause

*** EPiC Achievement for a worthy cause***

We would like to congratulate EPiC fitness member Nick Edwards and his family & friends for their incredible achievement at the weekend just gone 🙌🏻

Nick and his wife, Nikki, Edwards scaled the formidable Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons in a 24km SAS race to raise money for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal 🖤💛

After several injuries and near drop outs, the team crossed the line as a solid unit in 5.5 hours!! Well done ❤️

The reason that they did this is because on 3rd August 2019 the lovely couple received the harrowing news that their young son, Oscar, had a brain tumour and unless he received immediate medical attention wouldn’t make it 💔 After an intense 15-hour operation, Oscar thankfully began his route to recovery that has seen him almost return to everything that he loves day in and day out 😍

So far the team have raised (at the time of writing) £2,253.61 from 76 supporters, we’d very much like our members and supporters to add to this amazing cause 🙏🏻

To read more about donate to this worthy cause and help other children live a life that they deserve please click the link below:


To read up more about the charity: https://www.grandappeal.org.uk

EPiC Competition : The Result

Good afternoon everybody,

We sincerely hope that your weekend has got off to the best start 🙌🏻 if not then we are sending positive vibes so that it improves 🖤💛

As you are aware, we ran a big competition between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to give away a FREE 3-month pass to our state of the art facilities 💪🏻🙏🏻

We are very proud to reveal that the winner, drawn at random from our pool of candidates (who followed the necessary stipulated steps) is:

💛 Aimee Smith! 🖤

Well done to you and we are looking forward to welcoming you into the EPiC family 😀 you have unlimited access to the fitness class timetable and use of the gym – 😀❤️ just pop into reception when you are ready and we will set this up 🎉

If you didn’t win this time then never fear, why not benefit from the same amazing facilities in the meantime and then when the next competitions go live then you can enter those and look to boost your life and those around you with the EPiC services that we offer 🏆🙌🏻

Come and speak to us and we can assist you with how to get started 💪🏻 we look forward to seeing you soon 😃

Have a great weekend everybody!

The benefits of our Ladies Kickboxing classes

Here is a great article on the amazing benefits of kickboxing for women👉🏼 https://www.besthealthmag.ca/…/benefits-of-kickboxing-for-…/

Why not come and try our ladies only kickboxing class at EPiC Gym Bradley Stoke tomorrow? 🤷🏼‍♀️👸🏼

Book a FREE session👇🏽