3rd South West Series Event – Chepstow 13/5/18

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The 3rd Interclub in the South West Series of 2018, was held in Chepstow on Sunday 13th May.

As usual, there were large teams attending from Ed Byrne’s BBBA in Cornwall and Carl & Kyle Swaby’s  Terror Squad from Gloucester.

There were some excellent performances on the day and some very close battles. This was summed up by the brilliant battle for the -125cm tag team trophy, between an Epic team and a Terror Squad team. This was fiercely contested and both teams showed excellent skills and determination. In the end the Epic team of Ewan Thain and Harvey Pollard we’re victorious, much to the delight of the spectators who had gathered to watch.

From the 61 divisions contested, 20 of these were won by Epic fighters.

The day ran really smoothly, thanks to the referees, timekeepers and helpers, so a huge thank you goes out to all of them.

The 4th event in the 2018 series, will be the urban Open in Gloucester, hosted  by Carl and Kyle Swaby on Sunday 8th July.


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