Coach Development Program

Coach Development Program

Our senior coaches are all fully qualified black belt martial artists who have proven their selves over their martial arts careers. They are all adept in taking classes to a top standard but with busy classes we thought it would be beneficial to our students to have a full range of coaches in the class. This is so that there is constant help even when the senior coaches are with another member of the class. Every student has access to a coach for questions when they are stuck or to have a visual demonstration of technique to follow if they are unsure of what they are doing.

Our coaching ladder works like this:

Student – Junior Assistant – Junior Coach – Assistant Coach – Senior Instructor

JUNIOR ASSISTANTS: Every student has an opportunity to become a junior assistant (as long as they are not adults of course) and this is achieved just by training hard, setting examples to others, being confident and showing respect over a fair amount of time. If you follow our code of Energy, Positivity, Inspiration and Confidence then you will be in with a chance of being invited onto the programme. The role of a junior assistant is to set examples to others, to assist the senior instructor in fixing technical aspects of each student as they practice and to demonstrate correct technique when required. This is an honourable role in the EPIC academy of martial arts.

JUNIOR COACHES: As the junior assistants become a little more matured and are more able to assist in taking sections of the class (eg 2/3 students who are practising a different part of the syllabus) they could be invited to become a junior coach. The role and responsibilities are bigger than that of the junior assistants, attendance is even more sharply monitored as well as their ability to help students out who may be newer to the club or martial arts in general as they have a role in making impressions. Junior coaches will be expected to communicate with parents who are attending their children’s classes and have a good practical skill level.

ASSISTANT COACHES: Once a junior coach has left school or college and is able to step up again and become the official class assistant coach then they will be invited to be exactly that. This is one step below becoming a senior instructor at the top of the EPIC structure. By this time in their martial arts journey an assistant coach will be adept in their practical skill and also able to communicate very well with both students and parents of the students. They will be able to take larger groups of students if required during the class and will know the syllabus too. Assistant coaches in extreme circumstances could also step in and cover a class if for any reason the senior instructor wasn’t able to make it in, although in that circumstance another senior instructor is likely to cover.

SENIOR COACHES: A senior coach is the top level of coach at EPIC. These are the club instructors who the children will look up to and want to be like, the example setters to the other coaches and the students. A senior coach will hold a black belt and be fully insured and DBS checked. Once an assistant coach is ready to open a club then this will be the last progressive step in their coaching ladder. A skilled practitioner with good communication skills and a controlled level of instruction that will progress every student.