Pad Fit is an exercise class based on the training concepts combat athletes use to keep fit.

Classes can take a variety of formats but a typical one may involve shadow-boxing, plyometrics, hitting pads, kicking punch-bags and also incorporates body weight exercises with combat strikes to deliver a full body workout.

As no class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, it is a fun, challenging and safe workout for all levels of fitness.

You will get to burn lots of calories, improve strength and develop cardiovascular fitness whilst learning something new and having fun.

This is a class that utilises 3 pieces of equipment. The medicine ball, slam ball and wall ball are used to create a workout the is very different to our other classes. This class uses a variety of explosive movements that all work together to give your abs a good workout.

Our Spartan Circuits class uses a large variety of exercises that you will complete for a certain amount of time before moving onto the next station. This class is very popular for its very interesting movements and the great community that take part to make the class very enjoyable.

Our Old Skool Conditioning classes use a variety of bodyweight movements and utilizes basic equipment to activate your whole body. Routines are based off of Old Skool movements to condition your body to many forms of combat. This class works great in conjunction with our martial arts classes to help improve strength in your technique or as a stand-alone class for a great workout

Our yoga classes provide you with a calming and relaxing class that will benefit all of your other styles of training. This class will help you to increase endurance, stamina, balance, core strength, flexibility and enables a speedy recovery from injuries. We regard yoga to be a key part to your training regime, why not give it a go?

Our funktion classes are designed to improve strength and functionality of your whole body. We achieve this by targeting each section of your body by utilizing equipment and movements to do so. The class starts with a warm up by getting your heart rate up and doing a few stretches to help with your mobility. You will then start the workout, beginning with your shoulders, chest, back etc until you’ve worked every muscle. This class is great if you want to improve the functionality of your body.

This is a class that is specifically designed to monitor improvement of your fitness level. Each week your will work through a set workout that will target different parts of your training; strength, cardio, endurance etc. You will record your results for each workout and once you have worked through all of the workouts over a number of weeks you will return for the first and compare your results to see how much you have improved.

The infamous class known as the furnace is not a class for the faint of heart. This class is designed to push you to your limits and further. It is a workout that combines aspects of all other classes to create the ultimate workout that will test your mental ability to keep pushing through. The furnace is completed by a friendly bunch of people who all work together to help encourage everyone to complete the workout. This is definitely a class that you need to try out.