Coaches Corner: Week 2

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Welcome to the second weekly instalment of coaches corner, last week senior coach Ben Gill shared some of his hobbies and goals with us and we’re sticking with the youth for week 2.

This time we’ve picked on junior coach and recently crowned world champion Kameron Doyle. The 16-year old has had a phenomenal season on the mats winning more than 25 gold medals, trophies and will crown his season off tomorrow night in the ring at TOTAL VALOUR 3.

Kam with Bellator MMA star MVP (Michael Page)
Kam with Bellator star MVP

The oldest competing Doyle sibling also teaches at Epic Bristol Central and talks to us about his year on the mats and who he would take on holiday from epic…

Kam Doyle: Coaches Corner interview:

Q: You’re a world champion now, congratulations- is that (in your opinion) the best achievement you’ve had to date?
Kam: Yes, being a WAKO world champion was a big dream for me when I was younger. When you compete out there obviously your fighting everyone from across the world and many different countries. For me it’s another goal which sets me up for my future and motivates me to carry on achieving!

Q: Who is your all time biggest inspiration and why?
Kam: Well I have TWO. My first one is one from a long time ago and unfortunately passed away this year and that is Muhammad Ali, this is because for my opinion he was a great person and did a lot for boxing. Not only that but he also had a great character and was a brilliant fighter. The second one is Conor McGregor, he’s my inspiration because he shows the value of working hard to make it to the TOP, also again he has a great character and he’s an entertainer for sure. Finally, McGregor really shows how self-belief and a strong mindset can help you succeed in challenges!

World Champ shows off his funny side
World Champ shows off his funny side

Q: Who can take the banter the best in EPiC and who is the worst at taking banter?
Kam: Haha, good question… okay so the person who takes the banter the best has to be Matt Roberts, he is always getting abuse for not getting a two week haircut and just other things, he takes the banter like a pro and he knows it’s all a joke and we mean nothing by it. The person who is worst at taking banter is Ben Gill.

Q: What’s your favourite all time TV programme?
Kam: I don’t really watch TV often but when I do the best TV programme of all time has to be ‘The Walking Dead’, the series is brilliant and many people will agree with me.

Q: What’s been the worst moment in your martial arts journey so far and how did you rebuild/get over that?
Kam: The worst part in my martial art journey.. Well there has been a few things but they’ve only made me come back stronger and succeed more! One major thing is pain. I usually struggle with pain in the tendons in my thumb and when I over extend it or something it creates the worst pain possible for me. Andy C knows that feet and hands are the worst for injuries. But this is no excuse not to train. When I get injuries I carry on as that is the mindset I have always been given by Andy C and getting older I really start to see how that way of coaching helps students become successful. This is because it teaches them the message of resilience. Things are hard in life and coming back from tough things does make you stronger that is why I take no excuses for injury unless it’s very bad.

Kameron Doyle of EPIC MA
Kameron Doyle of EPIC MA

Q: What are your plans/goals for the next 12 months?
Kam: I have all my goals written up and not only that but how to achieve them one thing I’ve learnt this year is that if you write down a goal without stating what to do then there is no point because it won’t be completed. But my plans/Goals for next year is to carry on doing well for myself.

Q: If you had to go on holiday with only 3 members of the EPIC team who would it be?
Kam: Only 3 let’s make that 5, one starting off being the most important….
1. Andy Cleeves
2. Gio Marchese
3. Matt Roberts
4. Andy Gill
5. Pearce Cruse

Q: What is your future aspirations in terms of martial arts, what do you want to do next in your journey?
Kam: Next in my journey I want to stay in kickboxing and on the circuit, but I want to experience different combat, different styles and more! Im hoping in the future that I will have a range of different skills.

Q: If you could face any fighter in the world in any discipline of martial art, who would it be and why?
Kam: At the moment, I would like to face an incredibly amazing fighter Demetrious Johnson in the UFC combat because as I’m his weight and roughly height I feel it would be a good matchup. Also it would be a good shot to try that type of combat sport.

Kam sparring with friend Rakan Sabbah
Kam training in late 2016

Q: What is your least favourite meal to eat?
Kam: I don’t have one I LOVE FOOD ❤️ food is LIFE!!

Q: If you could have any of these as a pet which one would you choose?
Snake, baby Crocodile, Lizard, Lion or Tarantula..
Kam:Lion- fierce and it’s always looking for prey!

Q: Who’s the funniest person at EPiC?
Kam: That has to be Steve Cruse, at the age of 64 he is one of the funniest people and gives it his best shot but is a distraction when training as he loves to talk about beauty shows and Matt Roberts’ awful haircut.

Doyle wins Gold!.. Again
Doyle wins Gold!.. Again

imageQ: Final Question, what’s been your favourite moment of the year apart from the world championships?
Kam: When I was in Milan, in Italy. I was entered into three category’s and managed to win all three… these included -57 (13-15), -63 (13-15) and -57 (16-18) Luckily head coach Andy C could make it to that competition and I really wanted to show him my capabilities. I did also beat someone in the 16-18 cat who came over to England and taught me a seminar… I managed to beat him then went into my last final after winning two category’s and won that one too. This was good for me because not only did I win but I created an image in my head that if you believe you can do it then you can.

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