Coaches corner: Week 4

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This week we visit our lovely PA Jane Lewis whom most of you will have had contact with at some point over the duration of your journey with us so far.

With the patience of a saint and the drive of a Ferrari this productivity machine makes the clogs turn with communications and our introductory process. We thought about what to ask her and came up with this:

Jane with Hub-goer husband Simon
Jane with Hub-goer husband Simon

Q: How long have you been with EPiC?

Jane: 14/15 months.

Q: How many phone calls a day do you usually get?
Jane: Depends on time of year and what events are happening…. if the phone isn’t ringing – guaranteed I am ringing to build relationships and work on events.

Q: If you had one wish granted by a genie, what would it be?
Jane: If I had one wish – it would be to have endless wishes. However, I am a little cynical – ‘careful what you wish for – you’ll always get it but it may be in a format you weren’t expecting’!

Q: Who is the hardest instructor to get information across to and from?
Jane: Matt Roberts when he isn’t on facebook…. grrrr. Everyone has their moments.

Q: What else do you do for work other than EPiC admin?
Jane: The Hub gym, Crossfit Portishead and very occasionally I help out my travel trade buddies when they desperate for support.

Q: Have you ever participated in Martial arts, why or why not?
Jane: Growing up in Glasgow surburbs in the 70’s – choices were generally limited (gosh I sound old), so Scottish dancing was prob. the nearest choice I had. I keep a list of things I want to try… just waiting for the phone to stop ringing!!

Jane with her beautiful daughter and EPIC student Alanna
Jane with her beautiful daughter and EPIC student Alanna

Q: Who scares you the most? Why?
Jane: In what context? In the kickboxing arena – all of them! However, would they challenge me on the nagging front!

Q: If you could have one celebrity’s job for a day, who would it be?
Jane: I am more interested in ‘moments in time’ .. I would love to see the thoughts of peoples when massive world changes happen… Obama’s real thoughts when Trump won the election. Peoples feelings when they reach the tip of mount Everest.

Q: Who does the household chores in your house… you, Simon or Alana?
Jane: Alanna creates the chores, Simon moans about them and I do them (eventually)! When I clean… everything gets cleaned out.. I am not a fan of clutter but equally – a perfect house is a life not lived!

Q: If you had to do karaoke with ONE instructor at EPIC who would t be and why?
Jane: Andy Gill… his array of fancy dress photos tells me he is always game .. so I could fade into the background as I can’t sing.

Jane Lewis relaxing with a cocktail
Jane Lewis relaxing with a cocktail

Q: What’s been your best moment in the last 12 months?
Jane: No one event stands out as the ‘best’. If your not enjoying the adventure.. why do it? Favourite moments are the ones that have me in belly aching laughter….But with Epic you feel valued no matter what part you play in the production.

Q: Final Question, what’s your goals for the next 12 months?
Jane: Is this my appraisal or my new years resolutions? Enjoy the journey….and always be learning.

Join us next week where we will have week 5 of coaches corner and another member of the EPIC family reveal some of their roles, aspirations and revelations about those around them!

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