EPiC Bootcamps are back!

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Following the easing of Government Covid-19 Guidelines, we are delighted to announce that the legendary EPiC Bootcamps are back!

With summer approaching, why not join in these fun, yet challenging sessions in the great outdoors. Every session is guaranteed to be different, with our multi talented team of coaches, you never quite know what to expect!

Lockdown has been tough in so many ways, but in true EPiC style our Bootcamps will inspire Energy, Positivity, Inspiration and Confidence.

We have loved seeing so many faces at these sessions, but would love to see some new faces too, so why not book a free trial session on our website and come to a Bootcamp, in either Portishead or Bradley Stoke soon.

Adult sessions are suitable for those aged 14 years and up, but we have added a brand new Kids Bootcamp in Portishead to get those under 14’s using up some energy too.

We hope to see you at a session soon.

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