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We celebrated 2017 in style with two different Christmas parties, as is custom for our academy.

First off on the 9th December we had our kids Christmas party. EPiC took over the showcase cinema at Avonmeads, which has become tradition, to watch the animated film ‘Despicable Me 3′. With over 130 of our students, plus their parents, attending it was a busy morning! Each student who attended was gifted a goodie bag with tasty cinema-friendly treats and once the film ended it was onto the awards.

Our top 3 academy awards went as followed:
Pat Cleeves Shield: Harrison Doyle
Student of the Year: Harvey Tyler
Fighter of the year: Alex Fellender-Evans

We are immensely proud of all of the winners of individual class awards but these 3 stood out in 2017, with two of them becoming junior European championships, all of them training like professional athletes and young Harvey Tyler being at almost every event we did last year whether it was promotional, competition or internal. We would like to extend gratitude to the parents of these 3 for their continued support and to all of our wonderful students’ parents for their energy and commitment.

Also a special mention to Jess Andrews who was promoted to Junior Coach, which is a prized role within EPIC. There is nobody more deserving than Jess.

On the 22nd it was the adults turn to party as we invaded the Hilton Hotel at Bradley Stoke. It was a lively night and one that celebrated the senior success within the club.

Special mentions to:
Student of the year: Emma Thomas
Fighter of the year: Rakan Sabbah

Also we must congratulate the official unveiling of Amy Kingscott as a senior coach.

The dance floor was lit up, the bar was drunk dry and the photos were in abundance.

Congratulations to all of our members on a successful 2017, here’s to next year!

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