EPiC Competition : The Result

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Good afternoon everybody,

We sincerely hope that your weekend has got off to the best start ?? if not then we are sending positive vibes so that it improves ??

As you are aware, we ran a big competition between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to give away a FREE 3-month pass to our state of the art facilities ????

We are very proud to reveal that the winner, drawn at random from our pool of candidates (who followed the necessary stipulated steps) is:

? Aimee Smith! ?

Well done to you and we are looking forward to welcoming you into the EPiC family ? you have unlimited access to the fitness class timetable and use of the gym – ?❤️ just pop into reception when you are ready and we will set this up ?

If you didn’t win this time then never fear, why not benefit from the same amazing facilities in the meantime and then when the next competitions go live then you can enter those and look to boost your life and those around you with the EPiC services that we offer ???

Come and speak to us and we can assist you with how to get started ?? we look forward to seeing you soon ?

Have a great weekend everybody!

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