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Saturday 16th June saw some of our little warriors take their next step in their martial arts journey. The grading show had many that were taking their first ever grading and the standard was good! A very pleasing performance from all who attended. The orange belts-to-be performed excellently as they complete their third grading and move on to the higher gradings. The Kung Fu students were, as always, pleasing on the eye with technical footwork and steady sets performed. A huge congratulations to those who won further medals for catching a senior coaches eye.

Little Dragons gradings are always fun and a massive congratulations to young Mr Shorrock (Portishead) who completed his brown tag and therefore completing the little dragons programme! Also well done to young Mr Bray (Bristol Central) who achieved a double grading for his continued hard work and skill shown in this grading and the previous two.

EPIC martial arts extends a well done to everybody who passed their gradings at the weekend

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