EPIC Interclub Competition

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Tomorrow sees the latest EPIC interclub competition in Portishead hosted by Andy Cleeves. Gordano School’s main hall will see over 120 fighters compete for the medals and trophies that are attributed to those who finish in the top 3 of each category.

With 42 categories there will be plenty of fights across the 3 sets of mats, with each area having 4 referees to keep scores it will sure be a busy occasion. There will be a hog roast available in the afternoon as well as plenty of refreshments that will be sold from a stall. Spectators can watch all of the action unfold from 10.30am for just £7 per person, fighters pay £15 but can enter unlimited amounts of divisions (as long as they qualify for the description of the category.) The competition will see fighters from Cobra martial arts, Jamie Woodlands Academy, Byrne Black Belt Academy, Body Focus Martial Arts and of course the EPIC team.

All fighters must check in at 9.30am so that they are able to watch the demonstrations and are all ready to start at 10.30am sharp. The categories are as follows:

1. Boys little dragons 4-5 years
2. Boys little dragons 6 years
3. Boys little dragons 7-8 years
4. Mixed little dragons light contact 4-6 years
5. Mixed little dragons light contact 7-8 years
6. Girls little dragons 4-6 years
7. Girls little dragons 7-8 years
8. Beginner boys -4ft 6
9. Beginner boys -4ft 10
10. Beginner boys -5ft 2
11. Beginner boys +5ft 2
12. Beginner girls -4ft 8
13. Beginner girls -5ft 2
14. Beginner girl +5 ft 2
15. Intermediate boys -4ft 6
16. Intermediate boys -4ft 10
17. Intermediate boys -5ft 2
18. Intermediate boys +5ft 2
19. Intermediate/advanced girls -4ft 8
20. Intermediate/advanced girls -5ft 2
21. Intermediate/advanced girls +5ft 2
22. Advanced boys -4ft 6
23. Advanced boys -4ft 10
24. Advanced boys -5ft 2
25. Advanced boys +5ft 2
26. Girls light contact -4ft 8
27. Girls light contact -5ft 2
28. Girls light contact +5ft 2
29. Boys light contact -4ft 8
30. Boys light contact -5ft 2
31. Boys light contact +5ft 2
32. Beginner men points (1st 3 grades)
33. Intermediate/Advanced men points (4th grade+)
34. Beginner ladies points (1st 3 grades)
35. Intermediate/advanced ladies points (4th grade+)
36. Men’s light contact -75kg (open grade)
37. Men’s light contact +75kg (open grade)
38. Kids tag team 5-7yrs (2 per team) any height
39. Kids tag team 8yrs+ (2 per mixed team) -4ft 6
40. Kids tag team 8yrs+ (2 per mixed team) -4ft 10
41. Kids tag team 8yrs+ (2 per mixed team) -5ft 2
42. Kids tag team 8yrs+ (2 per mixed team) +5ft 2

The venue address is Gordano School Main Hall, Saint Mary’s Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 7QR.

For more information call 07802 666 239

We look forward to seeing you there!

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