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EPiC martial arts is growing and at quite an exciting pace which means if you are from North Somerset, Bristol, North Bristol and now South Gloucestershire we have schools for you! We have a new school opening up in Yate under senior coach Matt Roberts, who joins us as a combat specialist and reality based self defence instructor.

The new club in Yate will have all the same benefits as all the other clubs, world champion instructors and a full structured coaching network. With Junior coaches and assistants, the quality of coaching in each class will be very high along with the standard of the training. The academy boasts many talented martial artists already and we are looking forward to adding more from Yate and the surrounding areas.

The classes will be held on Wednesday nights with the launch night being held on September 30th. To find out more about the launch night visit our Facebook launch event here:

At EPiC we teach everybody aged 4 and above, here is how our classes will work on the Wednesday nights:

Little Dragons (aged 4-7) | 17.00-17.45
Kids kickboxing (ages 8-14) | 18.00-19.15
Adults kickboxing (age 15+) | 19.30-21.00











With a full syllabus that boasts massive gradings and opportunities to compete in competitions around the country, EPIC Yate will be an opportunity to build yourself up as a skilled martial artist and be part of our family-like academy.


Yate senior coach Matt Roberts (stood up)
Yate senior coach Matt Roberts (stood up)

Senior coach Matt Roberts, who will be taking the lessons, is a combat specialist who has trained in multiple countries in the world and across the UK. He has 5 years of Krav Maga training under his belt as well as a black belt in kickboxing. To add to this he is an instructor in the Filipino art of Eskrima (also known as rapid arnis) and is an apprentice instructor in Jeet Kune Do/Kali Concepts under Marcie Harding. Matt has tested himself in some very tough training in Israel as well as learning from some of the best from America in seminars over here in the UK! He has also had some real life experiences with defending himself which qualifies him to know what works in these situations and what doesn’t. Matt is now turning some attention to competition fighting with EPIC as well as delivering structured self defence classes. He also offers one-to-one tuition in self defence outside of class time at the Hub Gym in Portishead as well as other locations in Bristol.

We are going to be at Yate shopping centre this Sunday (13th) to display a promotional day in which you can put your name down for the launch night at the end of the month. You can Find out more on www.

See you there!

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