European Championships 2019

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? European Championships 2019 ?

Team EPiC has a record 13 members selected to represent their country this year. 10 in the juniors and 3 in the seniors ??

The junior European championships took place in Gyor, Hungary just over a week ago. Our junior squad was as follows:

George Sherlock
Harvey Tyler
Harvey Pollard
Alex Fellender-Evans
Kam Doyle
Ellie Doyle
Harrison Doyle
Teia Doyle
Alfie Fowler
Dylan Hunt

Firstly, we would like to congratulate George Sherlock on becoming the new European Champion in Light Continuous ? George also made it through to two further finals (points and Kick Light) but didn’t have the answers on the day to add to his LC title ??

Harvey Pollard was just 5 seconds away from European glory, leading 14-13 but a skilled headkick from his Bulgarian opponent scored 2 points to leave ‘Pingu’ with a silver after a 15-14 defeat. This was in the -27kg points category ?

Alex Fellender-Evans got through to the semi finals of his -32kg points category after victories against a Russian and an Italian but sadly he couldn’t find the answers to beat his Bulgarian opponent. Alex took home a Bronze medal ?

Kam Doyle was so far ahead on the judges scorecards in his -60kg Full contact category and was landing some lovely free flowing combinations when his opponent landed a straight right in the final round, which made the referee stopped the fight due to a cut on the face. It was a questionable call, especially given the time left in the fight and the score difference.

Dylan Hunt got through to semi final of the -42kg Light Continuous category. He had beaten a tough Irish fighter in the quarter-final but faced an in-form and sharp Bulgarian fighter in the semis. He couldn’t quite get past the semi finals but he did thoroughly deserve his bronze medal! ?

Harvey Tyler got through to the final of his Light Continuous category but fell just short of the mark to take a silver! Harvey also made the semi finals in his other category and was close to going through but just lost out to his opponent to add a bronze to his tally ??

Alfie Fowler took a lot of experience from his first call-up to the international stage. His opponent got the better of him but Alfie’s attitude to the big stage was perfect and he has learnt a lot from it, which will mean he will come back stronger next year ???

Teia Doyle got through to the semi finals of her points category against a very tall, leggy fighter. She tried to out manoeuvre her opponent but was caught with an early head kick and then had to chase the points in the fight, which was always going to be an uphill battle. She still gave it her all and battled until the end, claiming a bronze medal ?

Harrison Doyle faced two tough opponents in his points and Continuous categories. He lost out by one point in his points fight, despite fighting brilliantly – deserving more. His Continuous category was tough and he held his own but sadly couldn’t come away with the win.

Ellie Doyle also had a tough day at the office but again fought gallantly in her points category. The performance was there but sadly not the result this time, Ellie took defeat well and knows what she has to do better for next time, summing up the true spirit of martial arts.

Harvey Pollard and Alfie Fowler were selected to fight for the children’s team, Alex Fellender-Evans represented the younger cadets team and George Sherlock was selected for the Older Cadets team.

The senior world championships are in Antalya, Turkey at the end of November ?? we will bring you more on this as the next few months unravel.

#beepic #teamgb

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