EPIC Summer Self Defence Seminar

Street survival with an introduction to knife solutions”

Saturday August 19th 2017
The Fitness Hub, Portishead, BS20 7BX.

Due to the increasing enquiries we’ve had based on our various taster sessions and the previous seminar, we are hosting our first summer seminar.

The topic of the seminar will be street survival and an expansion in solutions on the previous seminar. Such is the style of self defence that you don’t need to worry if you weren’t on the previous course as every technique you will learn will be effective if the situation ever arises.

The second half of the seminar will be an introduction on knife survival. With the recent spate of attacks and upward trend in knife crime we feel it’s important to start looking at solutions that work under pressure.

This is such a vital training opportunity that you would be missing out potentially life saving experience if you didn’t make this session. With 3 hours of education, drilling technique and pressure testing this experience will stand you in better stead if you ever found yourself in a bad situation.

Some of the many benefits of training at this seminar:
•Understanding Martial Arts vs Self Defence
•Understanding Myth vs Reality
•Self Defence Mindset Advice
•Rule of Survival- ABCDE rule
•Reality based pressure testing
•Knife Threat Defence
•Knife Attack Defence
•Pre-emptive striking
•Grab Releases
•Choke Releases
•Post Situational Procedures
•The Law and Self Defence
•Lots More

EPIC Member | £20 (save 20%)
Non member | £25
Junior assistants | £12.50 (save 50%)

This is suitable for people aged 8+, with all techniques applicable for children and adults alike. We have spaces for 40 people but they will sell quickly as we set up the new school year with vital experience and confidence boosting.

This event is pre-booking only so don’t delay in booking your place!


19 Aug 2017


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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