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Ladies and gentlemen,

As you know we begin our competition circuit for 2016 on Saturday (a week from today) as we host the little dragons and kids beginner inter-club at HQ!

This is the perfect introduction to sparring and we expect to see everybody who attends the sparring academy who is a little dragon or a beginner in the kids class to have a go.

You are required to have sparring kit, or to be able to borrow some kit from a class mate as we will not be handing out kit for sanitary reasons. So if you haven’t invested in a sparring kit yet then this is the perfect opportunity to do that: To order your sparring kit now click on the links below:

Little dragons:


If you want to get a premium kit from Top Ten click this following link:

Each student will be matched against an opponent with the closest matched details: Age, height, weight and experience.

As well as the details mentioned above we need to know the students name and which club they train at.

So what are the benefits of taking part? Well there are plenty, for starters energy; there is a positive energy and atmosphere at these events and you and your child will be enthused by it. Next there is positivity; the encouraging nature of the coaches as each and every student tries their hardest will boost not only those who are on the mats but all those who are on the side whether they’ve been up or are yet to compete. Next of all there is inspiration; it’s inspiring to see people from all walks of life develop in their own adventures. Competing is one of these adventures as it develops personal appreciation and a more disciplined approach to training. The focus it gives everybody with a clear indication of where their improvements should be. The other major part of why this would be beneficial is because of the confidence gained after.

#Energy #Positivity #Inspiration #Confidence #beEPiC

There will be medals for the winners so this is a good opportunity to either open your trophy cabinet or add to it if you have one or two already.

Competitor cost is £10 and spectators are given free entry. The event is from 2-4pm.

The address is EPIC HQ:

Unit 2,

Old mill road,


Bs20 7BX

IMG_6960-2  IMG_6963-2  IMG_6944-2

To find out more please click the following link:

Team EPIC.

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