Lower body sculpt

Lower Body Sculpt is an EPiC class that focuses on the development of the muscles in the lower body.

You will go through movements and adapted variations of exercises such as squats, lunges, calf raises and the like, giving your legs an improved level of muscular endurance and help to tone them up!

Lower Body Sculpt occasionally utilises equipment such as steps, hurdles and other functional equipment to give you a proper muscular burn and get that calorie count up. Whether you use bodyweight or a physical weight, you will have a planned workout that will enable you to push yourself towards improvement, test your current strength levels and develop incredible form when you are performing your lower body exercises. 

Our Lower Body Sculpt instructors are experienced in the field of lifting weights, getting into great shape and have been the product of what they teach. Mix this with a great personality and friendly manner and you could well be finding yourself a regular in this class!


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