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A lifetime in martial arts competition! It’s been an amazing journey! 30 years 3 Decades (where does the time go)???? Just want to show appreciation to all the class people I’ve met along the way with so many great memories to remember! Following on from yesterdays ‘retirement’ post it’s got me to reminiscing about the incredible journey, places, events, ups, downs, achievements & the people I’ve trained under & competed with & against along the way so just wanna say one more final big thanks to all my coaches through the years. Firstly where it all began with Mr Antonio Puma with out your nurturing, discipline, guidance & inspiration for me as an energetic kid hands down I wouldn’t be the man I am today, I will forever be grateful ! Andy Cleeves & Sean Veira for shaping me into the kickboxer & coach I am today & providing me the avenues to compete all over the world in this sport, I consider myself lucky to have spent my adult years under your tutelage, you are both Legends & I will be there for you whenever you need me for life!

To every National coach who I’ve ever trained under & competed for in various national teams through the years ???????????????????????????????????? I thank you all & to my other coaches in boxing/K1/MuayThai I thank you all for the knowledge & time ????????

I’m truly humbled by the messages I’ve received from back home it really means the world ???? Thank you!

Lastly Annie, Mum & my girls my biggest supporters thank you for the love & motivation, you have played a big role in any successes I’ve had & have helped heal the wounds time & time again from all the learns! Love ya ❤️

Jackal out ????????

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