Jadi Tention Seminar 5/5/18

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A very busy weekend for our students started with the Jadi Tention Experience Seminar at Kingsdown Sports Centre in Bristol.

Jadi is a 6 time World Champion and holds black belts in Tae Kwon Do, Kuroshi Do and the Nashid System of Martial Arts. He has trained for almost 30 years, originally from New York, he now teaches across the globe, holding practical seminars and sharing his expertise.

Jadi talked through some of his signature moves, including his counter side kick and back fist, and exhibited his incredible speed when trying to out-wit an opponent. There was then a chance for these moves to be practiced and our students showcased their excellent sparring skills. Head Coach Andy, also got his sparring kit on and was mixing it up with Jadi, and showing the kids how it’s done.

The seminar was brought to a close by a really inspirational talk by Jadi, that was not only relevant to the world of Martial Arts, but life in general.

Check out Jadi on You Tube, for more training tips and some of his fights, particularly between Jadi and Raymond Daniels, another Martial Arts legend that some of our students were lucky enough to meet at a seminar in snowy Dublin in March.



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