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Our Lil Dragons programme is aimed at children aged 4-6 and gives your children the perfect platform to develop multi-purpose skills that can be applied to all other aspects of their life.

? The benefits they will get include ✍️

Improve or build Fitness | Develop Strength | Co-ordination | Discipline | Respect | Teamwork | Social Skills | Balance | Confidence

We promote values that all of our Little Dragons grow to understand and mould to, such as ‘Hard Work gets Rewards’. We also help all of our students understand that the ‘martial skills’ involved in our classes are not to be used to hurt anybody.

Our Lil Dragons programme runs in the following locations:

? Bradley Stoke ? Brislington ? Chepstow
? Lyde Green ? Nailsea ? Portishead ? Yate

If you would like your children to start a new adventure or simply want them to start something new then we offer everyone a FREE trial session at any of our locations.

To book your FREE taster click the link below:

For more information please visit:

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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