EPIC has been selected to be the sole MANTIS course provider in our catchment area. MANTIS stands for manage any nasty trouble in society and is aimed at children aged 6-16. As the only course provider in the surrounding areas we are proud to be able to offer courses not only to our existing students but also to those who haven’t trained with us before.

The course itself is 8 weeks long and will run at EPIC HQ (hub gym, portishead) on friday nights from 5pm-6pm. The course will include a DVD (rrp £19.99) which is including in the course cost that you will be required to watch and practice just a little bit each day. MANTIS is the only government recognised self protection programme for children in the United Kingdom. It is in partnership with the Anti-bullying alliance and hosted by the National Children’s Bureau which means it has been accepted wide scale across the UK as the formal course for child protection.

As well as running the course at the hub, EPIC also go into schools and teach the course to the children as we feel its an important part of a child’s education to learn how to handle real life situations, especially in the modern world. EPIC instructors Andy Cleeves and Matt Roberts deliver the course.

There is a growing concern about bullying and more importantly how to tackle current cases and prevent potential cases. This is something that we consider when we plan our courses and even in our own classes. Any parent would take some comfort from the knowledge that their child has some street wise protection training and we are the chosen providers for this course. Here are some startling facts to get your head around;

  • There were almost 26,000 counselling sessions for children suffering from bullying alone in 2015
  • There were a further 7,296 counselling sessions for childrem talking to ChildLine about cyber bullying in 2015
  • NSPCC figures show that approximately 46% of children have been bullied at school in their life (that means if you have 2 children then statistically it is likely that one of your children have suffered from bullying)
  • In 2013, almost 45,000 talked to childline about being bullied
  • According to 38% believe that their place of education does NOT take bullying seriously. This means that they don’t feel safe and as a result it is highly likely that their education will suffer in some way.
  • More than 16,000 children are truant from school every day because of bullying
  • Worryingly, 30% of children who have been bullied went on to self harm and around 10% of children who have been bullied have tried to take their own life accoding to
  • from 2013-2015 there was an 87% increase in the amount of calls that ChildLine took from child victims of bullying
  • An estimated 5.43 million young people have experienced cyber bullying, with around 1.26 million subjected to what is classed as ‘extreme cyberbullying’ EVERYDAY in the UK
  • 50% of young people HAVE BULLIED SOMEONE in their life with around 30% of these doing it at least once a week!

That is just 10 statistics, worrying right?

To book your child onto the next available course contact us on the following options:


PHONE: 07802666239