Kids Kickboxing

As with Kung Fu, our lessons will improve your child’s physical fitness, concentration, self discipline, co-ordination, flexibility, self respect and many other positive attributes through our fun but high energy workouts taught by professional coaches. Kickboxing is the art of both kicking and punching and can be developed from a complete beginner, right through to black belt and beyond.

The syllabus has colour-belt grades and after 3-6 months of starting, your child will probably be ready to take that first step. There are lots of competitions available and your child will have that option should they choose to take it, although its not compulsory. During classes, we will allow those with the correct kit to perform something called ‘sparring’, that is the competitive sporting element of Martial Arts but done in a very safe and controlled manner.

Classes consist of a warm up, stretch, technical element and possibly sparring element. 

Kids Kickboxing lessons will also prepare your child for the Adult Kickboxing classes, as well as to become an EPiC Squad member and compete in competitions.


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