New Welsh Location!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

EPIC Wales has its second club opening soon! Wednesday June 8th is the date for your diary and the new location will be Caldicot! The second location in Monmouthshire opens 7 months after the Chepstow club opened and will run every Wednesday thereafter the 8th.

Existing students from Chepstow will be invited to check out the new venue on launch night and train with new faces. The classes will take place at Caldicot Rugby Club from 5.00-6.30pm with little dragons finishing at 6pm. The classes will start fused together and then when the club grows it will have the two classes split.

The instructors in charge of the development of the new students at Caldicot are Andy Cleeves, Andy Gill and Amy Kingscott. These three instructors have proven their skills over long careers in the martial arts, all three are currently black belt/sashes in their respective martial arts and are always striving for improvements and training hard.

If you have any questions or are free on Wednesday 8th June to come down and train at the launch party then please enquire on info@

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