Coach Profile

Ellie Doyle

Junior Coach

Ellie has been with EPiC for most of her life. She has been a member of Team GB for years and has won several major international tournaments. As well as being one of the best fighters in the UK (and world) for her age and height, Ellie has also attained a high level grade in her kickboxing and Kung Fu training. 

Ellie is incredibly patient and this is evident when she is coaching the Little Dragons and kids classes. Ellie started EPiC in the Little Dragons and passed through the syllabus there before doing the same in the kids classes. Now she is old enough and experienced enough to hold her own in the adults classes with the senior coaches.

Ellie is one half of the ‘Doyle Twins’ with her brother Harrison being the other. Ellie is one of four Doyle siblings to be actively training with EPiC, with Harrison, younger sister Teia and Senior Coach & older brother Kam being the others.