Coach Profile

Jo O'Callaghan


Jo’s fitness journey started 20 years ago after having her daughter. Unfortunately she suffered with postnatal depression and decided that the way to go about it was to start exercising. As it turns out this was a springboard!

Jo has tried everything from different Gyms, many different classes, CrossFit, Rugby, Street Dance, Thai Chi and more. She found a love for Rugby playing in the Backs for Gordano ladies for 4 years and then CrossFit competing locally for 7 years.

Jo commonly draws on the mental health benefits of exercise from her own experiences and also how it changed her body in a positive manner. Whilst training CrossFit she discovered her love for lifting weights again and after 7 years there decided to change up her style of training. When the EPiC gym was opened in 2019, she was welcomed with open arms and found another level of inspiration bringing her to where she is today!

Did you know… Jo loves Karaoke! And is she any good?… find out at an EPiC social event in the future… (na, she’s awful!). She does however play air guitar and loves rock music. She also competed as an underdog at a duel to duel CrossFit competition in 2016 where she achieved an incredible podium finish after an intense final round Prowler Push.

Jo really loves an all-over body workout using various weighted movements and techniques. She says it makes her feel strong, helps with her confidence and anxiety! She states ‘prevention is better than a cure, and now I’m ready to help others to reach the best version of themselves!’

Jo will be PTing at the EPiC Gym in Portishead!