September Success at the Cimac

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EPIC took a team to the Cimac on September 17th at Windsor and had a great medal return of 21 medals from 17 fighters with head coach Andy Cleeves and senior coach Matt Roberts as coaches.

In semi contact points fighting we won 6 gold, 2 silver and 5 Bronze medals. In light Continuous we took 2 gold and 6 silver medals from our team of fighters.

Team EPIC at the Cimac

Alex Fellender-Evans claimed gold in the -28 light continuous category and added a further bronze medal from the same weight division in points. Harvey Pollard kept up his ‘pingu power’ by claiming a gold in the under-7-years points category. He then narrowly lost out in the final of the light contact and took a silver.

Oliver Hiscutt wins gold

Oliver Hiscutt got better and better as he went through his -36kg points category, needing a last gasp winning technique in his opening round. He then went about dismantling his opponents as he got through to the final and claimed gold in style.

Harvey Tyler added more to his comprehensive trophy cabinet as he took gold in the -30kg Points category. He added 2 silver medals in the -32kg and -34kg categories in light continuous. George Sherlock took the silver medal in the -30kg points category and which was a competitive fight against above mentioned teammate Harvey.

Harrison Doyle took one of each type of medal, winning gold and bronze in his points categories while the current European champion took a silver in light contact. Ellie Doyle also took a gold and a bronze in points and added a further gold in light contact. Teia Doyle took a silver in her light contact category and a bronze in her points category. Team Doyle adding a total of 8 new medals to their vault of bling!

Rhiannon was on fire this day

Rhiannon Bater performed at her best and was rewarded with a strong silver medal in -45kg points and having to retire in the final through injury but had already claimed a gold earlier in the day in the -45kg points category. Aaron Mountford took a bronze in the boys +52kg, cementing his rise from beginner to comprehensive competitor in such a short space of time.

We would like to congratulate everyone who competed on the day, those who didn’t place were back on the mats the day after and prepared for the following weekends’ Infinity Competition.

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