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Team EPIC took to the continent for the Flanders cup 2016 in Beveren, Belgium. A strong team of 10 fighters, parents and coaches made their way across the channel to compete at the prestigious event.

The results:
Harvey Tyler- 1st place
Kam Doyle- 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Matt Roberts
Alex Fellender-Evans- 2nd Place
Harrison Doyle
Ellie Doyle- 1st Place
Teia Doyle- 2nd place
Molly Hershaw

Further congratulations to Grace Chandler for her strong performances and 3 golds and also to Liam Holden.

The trip over was 10 long hours and coupled with an even slightly longer return leg- the team did very well. The competition standard was world class and the team plan on attending the event again in Beveren, Belgium, next year.

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