Triple Black Belt Celebrations for Brislington Students

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Last weekend saw the first EPiC Higher gradings for over 18 months.

Brislington students Fin, Jed & Ollie have patiently waited throughout the lockdowns to gain their Black Belts in Kickboxing. Having joined the Brislington classes at the very first session, the lads have been working towards this moment for over 10 years.

To achieve this accolade under the watchful eyes of Sean Veira, the lads had to complete many gruelling tasks, including a 10k run, Fitness and Conditioning Tests, Padwork Tests, Syllabus and Technique testing all topped off with 10 tough rounds of sparring with the EPiC coaches.

Brislington Head Coach Gio Marchese, said he could not be more proud of the lads, he commented that he felt very emotional witnessing lads he had taught from the age of 4, work so hard to achieve their Black Belts.

Many congratulations Fin, Jed and Ollie from all at EPiC.

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