World Championship Prep!

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The World Championships Prep!

Four of our warriors here at EPIC Martial Arts are heading out to Ireland in less than 2 weeks to compete at the WAKO world championships!

Kameron Doyle (15) Ellie Doyle (11) Harrison Doyle (11) and Harvey Tyler (10) are heading out to Ireland to pit theirselves against the best in the world in their respective weight categories.


In preparing for this all 4 have been pretty much non stop training. Either at Power Sports with Sean Viera or at the their base- The Hub with Andy Cleeves, they have been pushing their selves hard. With such nasty drills such as sled pushes, box jumps, rowing machine sprints and of course lots of sparring- they have take very seriously the task that lays ahead.


We have high hopes for our warriors and will keep you up to date with how they get on!

Kam on the podium at the CIMAC event
Kam on the podium at the CIMAC event

Also a massive thank you to all who have donated to their cause for this.

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