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? World class Weekend ?

As a team we support all of our members in anything they do whether it is fighting, work accomplishments or personal achievements. We love to help our members reach their full potential and we are really proud to announce that our member Melissa Neill is competing at the Pureelite World Championships in Kent on Saturday! ??

Melissa Neill has worked her socks off to get into incredible shape ahead of this weekend’s championships and we are fully supporting her through her adventure on the world stage. Here are some words from the lady herself: ?

“I’ve been body building for 3 years solidly and decided to take my passion and addiction to the next level by competing in body building competitions in 2019. I compete in the category bikini masters over 45. This year on 21 Sept I competed at NFMUK and placed 3rd at my first ever completion. The following weekend I placed 2nd at UFE shows Europe, was awarded elite status and invited to the finals. I decided then to compete in one more competition this year which is Pure Elite. I had 6 weeks to progress from my previous competition and have made a really good improvement in muscle development and ‘getting shredded’. I have been in the gym most days and very often twice a day. But that’s not the most difficult part – it’s the dieting! I’m looking forward to a massive meal and cake after the show hopefully with a medal round my neck. Thank you to the epic team for you support so far. I’m very new to the gym but love it!”

As you can see, Melissa has taken her dreams & passion and turned it into a reality with hard work and dedication! ??

Melissa, on behalf of our entire community we wish you all the very best! Go and bring home that title ?????


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