Birthday Parties


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Birthday Parties

Available at epic centre of excellence, bradley stoke & epic gym, Portishead.

We understand that most children like to celebrate their birthdays with their friends and in a way that they love. Our students are very dedicated to their training and want to celebrate their special day with their coaches, and to introduce their friends to something ‘cool’!

In a session designed specifically for them, there will be some fancy kicks on the pads, lots of games and a chance for your child’s birthday to be celebrated in great environment.

What if this sounds great, but your child doesn’t currently train with us? This is absolutely no problem at all! As we said above, each party is catered to whoever is celebrating their big day! So we will have the perfect party prepared for your child on their special day.

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EPiC Party Premium Package

Make your child’s birthday extra memorable with an EPiC surprise! Book a session with one of our specialist instrutors for your child’s big day. With the premium package, your child will have all of the same benefits as the base package but also receive an EPiC Premium Tee in their size as an additional gift. This will be presented in front of all of their friends at the start or end of the session. If you would like to bring food to add to the session then this can be agreeable with our team!

EPiC Party Base Package

 With our base package, your child can enjoy helping one of our professional instructors take a fun-filled Martial Arts class for their friends and get to show off their skills! If you would like to bring food and add this to the session, then this would be agreeable with our team. 

EPiC Party Tailored Package

Would you like to tailor your child’s birthday party to be extra-special? We can support the party with extra special tailored gifts, such as a bouncy castle or specialised play tents for an extended play-time after the martial arts session. This is particularly special for those who are younger or for those who have a particular love for something that would make their big day even more special. If you would like to bring your own food then please let us know and we can tailor this as part of the session. 

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