The EPiC Story So Far

Performance is a product of consistent professional training. At EPiC, we have been helping to mould lifestyles and sculpt our members into the best versions of theirselves for years. The EPiC community is a model that has been built around the successes of our coaches, who act as walking examples to how implementing the EPiC way into their lives can draw out the positives in almost any situation. Our coaches have helped thousands of people to develop their own lives by simply following the examples that are set in our classes, our everyday lives and share the success in sport martial art competitions.

We have used every setback along the way to come back stronger and in 2019 we opened two fantastic full-time training facilities. Our centre of excellence in Bradley Stoke, Bristol and our state-of-the-art EPiC Gym in Portishead, North Somerset. With just a 15-minute drive separating these two facilities, we have the same core staff working across both centres so that everyone gets a chance to learn from our incredibly experienced and inspirational team. 

In terms of Martial Arts we have a whole host of World, European and British champions and we have a host of wealth of knowledge in terms of the skills our coaching team have amassed. These include Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Eskrima and Jiu Jitsu. 

Our facilties provide the best places to build strength, fitness, Martial Arts skill and to build the best version of you!

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"Two and a half years ago I underwent a partial knee replacement, still have arthritis in the remaining part. A year ago my childrens amazing instructors persuaded me to give the class a go. I now do two classes a week (body combat and boxercise). My fitness levels have increased, my knee is stronger and I have lost 31lbs so far.
Brilliant classes and instructors."
We really enjoy being a part of the EPiC family, from day one the team have been super welcoming and friendly. Milan has not only developed his combat skills but more importantly to us the EPiC team has helped develop and shape his character and behaviors. Big thank you to everyone down at EPiC and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.
Marlon Pack
Parent of Student
I Joined EPiC Gym back in Feburary. The gym space is brilliant as are the classes. The staff and coaches are like family. I have known most of the coaches for years.I have never met more welcoming and encouraging coaches. I would highly recommend EPiC Gym to anyone thinking of joining.
Keenan Nabosi
The Epic Club is not just a place to train, it is an inclusive community, where everyone is welcome, even me! The coaches are all approachable, genuine people, that are ready to help anyone in fitness and even on a personal level. Their continuous high energy, positivity, motivation is infectious. Some of their background stories of how they got to where they are today and their achievements are truly inspirational! These are definitely they type of people I like to surround myself with. I have participated in kickboxing for awhile and the training environment is always enjoyable. I have certainly been pushed outside my conform zone and I realised I can achieve more then I thought. The gym and fitness classes cater to everyone’s preference and I absolutely love the classes (however, I really hate the burpees I am made to do!) The cleanliness of the gym is kept to a high standard, which I certainly appreciate. There is so much more I can say about Epic, and I rave about the club at work, trying to get people to join, they think I am on commission! I 100% recommend everyone to come and join the Epic family!
Rajpreet Kaur