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If you would like to move forward following your taster, we arrange an electronic direct debit to be sent to you for completion.  We will send you an email on the information we need to arrange this. Or you are welcome to call the EPiC mobile 07802 666 239. Once you have set up your direct debit and covered your training costs – the journey is your own.

Your first step (when you are ready) needs to be EPiC Registration.  This is a once in a life time fee of £65.  It includes your Training Bottoms/Top and allows you access/purchase other items on our online shop.  EPiC registration is crucial for grading/competitions and representing the Club. 

WAKO is our governing body.  You are unable to Grade/ Sparr or compete without it.  It can be bought on the online shop for £25 per annually.

As you or your child progresses your coach will encourage you to purchase one.  This is your protective equipment.  We will never advertise or sell 2nd hand kit for the sheer reason of health and hygiene.   Sparring bundles that meet our quality and standard requirements can be found on our online shop.  Please note if you have equipment you’d like to use that you have purchased elsewhere – please check with your coach to see if it reaches the quality standard we require.

We will send Grading information and dates towards each Grading. We hold them regularly during the year. Your coach will let you know when you are ready to grade.

In some of the Epic locations, there is space provided for parents to view their children.  Whilst we would not say parents are not welcome, we would actively encourage parents to take the opportunity to have their own time.  We find children concentrate better when parents/siblings are not watching and this enhances the children’s learning experience.  In some locations it also causes some health and safety issues.  Unless requested by the coach, at no time during a session a parent should go onto the mats.

To book your personal training you have two options. Either message your chosen coach directly or book through our website using this link: www.epicmartialarts.co.uk/personal-training/

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