Corporate Packages


Corporate events, EPiC style!

Corporate Packages

giving you and your team that epic edge

Is your team in need of some wellness awareness? 

Do you feel that a work-place exercise programme would help at your place of work?

Do you need some motivational words to boost productivity?

Maybe all of the above apply, maybe you would like to  bring a confidence boost with some self defence? W

Whatever your needs are… we have the answer!

With a team of hard-working and experienced athlete coaches, who are able to come out and provide your workforce with a new perspective, practical or verbal workshops and plenty of motivation. It would be a shame not to offer them that chance to become more EPiC.

We would come to your location(s) and deliver either a one-off session or a series of sessions for your team, that can be tailored to exactly meet your business needs.

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Motivational Speech

Our corporate service team have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge in rising to the top of the world in their sport. They are current or previous Team GB athletes and some are even World Champions. To achieve this, they had to make sacrifices, be incredibly organised, learn how to deal with pressure, understand how to be productive with time and resources, get the most out of their minds and bodies in terms of performance. By using relatable examples, this can help to build your team’s productivity. All of the traits that are listed above are proven to help performance in every element of life, especially work.

Nutritional Talk

Do you think that you could do more to help your office staff improve their Wellness and Health. Poor diet or a misunderstanding of what effects diet, can impact all walks of life. We can help to educate your team on how they can feel better, improve their wellness through eating habits and explain what happens to the body and mind with common eating habits. This can help to motivate people to improve their eating, become healthier and the results will be an improved performance in all aspects of their life.

Fitness Training

Fitness is vital to our wellbeing, that is common knowledge. It does however make a difference to our lives in more ways than we realise. It releases healthy feel-good endorphins within our body and improves our aesthetic appearance (combined with a balanced diet). Fitness training also reduces stress levels and helps us to improve our general health. Our professional and highly experienced coaches can help to improve your team’s fitness.

Self Defence

Feeling like you have the answer to dangerous situations can give you confidence and this is something that can make a huge difference to performance. Is your place of work located in an area that has a concerning crime rate? Would your staff benefit from feeling safer, or do you think it would help to improve your team’s performance? Our self-defence team have vast experience in the security industry, with Krav Maga and with real-life experiences that are relatable.

Tailored Package

Would you like your team to benefit from a tailored session or block of sessions? We can combine any of the services listed above or incorporate specific details that would fit your needs. Add details of what you would like on the booking form below.

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