Coach Development Program

Our Coach Development Program

We have always aspired to create successful, polite and well-rounded adults. This starts for many of our students when they are children, before they have found their feet in the wider world. We fully believe that instilling the right traits into humans will make a world of difference to their lives. 

The way we train builds a work ethic that essentially compliments  work life, family life and in the results of events such as life achievements. We have seen drastic improvements in school results, behaviour and attitude from many of our students and the most successful of these are usually born into our coaching development programme. Others who have gone through the coaching development programme have demonstrated raw leadership skills that have been noticed by our professional coaching team. All of the traits above are nurtured over a period of years to make well-rounded individuals, who go the extra-mile to help people who are trying to build their own EPiC journey.

The programme starts for those who are aged around 8 as Junior Role Models. These are young students who show good discipline and a willingness to help those in the Little Dragons class by holding pads and helping to demonstrate techniques from time to time. Junior Role Models also have good discipline and focus, this role is the first bit of responsibility towards the development of Little Dragons in their personal journey, which in terms brings rewards for the Junior Role Models. 

Once a Junior Role Model has proven consistently that they are reliable, hard-working and a positive example to the Little Dragons then they may find they are promoted to become a Junior Assistant. Junior Assistants not only help in the the Little Dragons class but they set examples in their own class. They are supposed to demonstrate how to be a model student and take responsibility in being th best they can be so that less experienced students have someone to look up to that is their own age and size.

Once a Junior Assistant has developed the confidence to micro teach, understand class structure better, sets flawless examples, has achieved a higher grade, has demonstrated reliability for a very long time and can communicate confidently with adults as well as people their age and younger they could find a promotion to Junior Coach. A Junior Coach is someone who is an extension of the senior coaching team. The role brings with it a fair amount of responsibility and by this stage Junior Coaches are expected to be present from Little Dragons, through the Kids Martial Arts classes and to train with the Adult Martial Arts classes. Junior Coaches are technically high-level performers, who can teach sections of sessions and are able to handle coaching to a reasonably good level. They will often be at EPiC events, demonstrations and most of them compete on the fight circuit (this is not a pre-requisite). 

Once a Junior Coach achieves their black belt/sash and moves onto a bigger role within lessons and classes then they can be promoted to an Assistant Coach. At this point they have passed through the Junior Coaching programme and into our senior ranks. 

Assistant Coaches take a bigger role within the club and have responsibilities to take stretches, teach certain groups/sections of a class, while the Senior Coach could be teaching another part of the class. Assistant coaches have become Senior Coaches with their own locations once they have what it takes to coach a full class consistently.

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