EPiC Max Calorie Day to celebrate “National Fitness Day”

Push Your Fitness on National Fitness Day

We are inviting all of our community, and extending to those outside of it, to put in their maximum fitness effort on National Fitness Day 2023.

The event, held nationally on Wednesday 20th September, is a day where the nation recognises the pivotal part that fitness plays in our lives. It promotes that to every adult and child across the United Kingdom, encouraging them to step up their fitness or perhaps to try something new.

We are, as ever, fully committed to keeping our community smiling, moving and strong and this is the perfect time to do that little extra. To celebrate such a fantastic day, we are putting on some extra classes at both our Bradley Stoke Centre and our Portishead Gym. We invite people to head down and join in with our classes, head to the gyms and take part. Even if you’re not a member!

We will be giving shout outs to those who are inventive in their workouts, those who have burned the most calories, attended the most classes on the day, put in extra special shifts on some of the tough equipment we have in the gyms.

For those who have smart watches, send in your workouts and sessions on the day and we will calculate how many calories we burned collectively on the day and try to smash as big a number as we can!

You can choose to do it through running, cycling or use of the specialist sprint machines such as the ski-erg. You can include your weighted workouts, class workouts and even the walk to and from the gym! You can do your own workouts in the studios around class times, which can include kettlebells, bodyweight exercises or any of the conditioning equipment you find in the gym. You can hit the bags, do combat workouts or join in to our martial arts classes too. Basically do as much as you can and push your fitness threshold to a whole new level!



20 Sep 2023


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