SKiLL STRiKER Contender

Become the Fighter You’ve Always Dreamed Of – Join SKiLL STRiKER Contender!

Combat fanatics and fitness enthusiasts aged 18-45!
Have you ever wondered what it would really be like to step in the ring?
Are you ready to challenge yourself like never before?
SKiLL STRiKER Contender is not just a training programme; it’s a gateway to greatness.
???? Embark on an 8-Week Journey: Dive into a kickboxing experience designed to unleash your potential. Train with tenacity, focus, and the spirit of a champion under the guidance of world-renowned fighters.
???? Train with the Best to Be Your Best: Our world champion trainers don’t just make you sweat; they infuse every punch and kick with years of their own ring-tested techniques and victories.
???? Step into the Ring: After 8 weeks of intense training, showcase your newfound skills on the mat. Face a well-matched opponent in front of an audience of your greatest supporters—your family and friends.
???? Gear Up for Glory: Receive an exclusive training t-shirt to kickstart your journey. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a full protective equipment and sparring bundle.
???? Unlimited Access to EPiC Gyms: Gain unrestricted entry to all combat and fitness classes at our EPiC Gyms in either Portishead or Bradley Stoke. Your training sanctuary awaits for the entire 8-week programme.
???? More Than Just Fights: This is more than a fight night; it’s a comprehensive experience with a welcome night, innovation sessions, sparring assessments, and split nights leading up to the main event.
Experience the Grandeur of Fight Night at the end…
Professional Fight Night Production: Immerse yourself in an electrifying atmosphere with ring walks, entrance music, and the glamour of ring girls.
Esteemed Officials: Engage in fair combat adjudicated by the most professional officials in the industry.
Memorable Moments: Create stories to tell for years to come with every jab, hook, and kick.
Are you ready to fight for your fitness and face the ultimate challenge? Spots are limited, so claim yours and transform into the contender you’re meant to be with SKiLL STRiKER Contender!
???? Enroll Today – Your Fight Awaits!


15 Apr 2024 - 08 Jun 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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