Coach Profile

Lizzy Trevarthen

Role: Gym instructor

Lizzy always loved gymnasts as a kid but always got stuck into any sport that she came across so it was always going to lead to a sporty future. Lizzy joined CrossFit when she was an adult and competed for 2 years in as many competitions as she could, both individually and in a team. She developed a strong physique from CrossFit but made a decision to start structuring a more functional based workout routine so she could progress her training further. After finding the EPiC Gym, it seemed the perfect fit in order to achieve her goals and has bought her love for weight training to the gym. It didn’t take long for her to transition into a coaching role and is now renowned for her Lower Body Sculpt (LBS) classes, probably because she’s confessed to loving Glute training. Through her own leg training, it has helped her relieve lower back pain and develop functional strength that helps her every-day life! Lizzy has stated that working at EPiC never feels like work because she thoroughly loves taking the classes and is obsessed with fitness and all of the aspects of it, therefore it’s a natural environment to be in! She also feels like she is surrounded by inspirational people that make her stay on top of her own game!