20,000 EPIC kicks for charity

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On a sunny Saturday afternoon lots of our younger students gave up their time to take on a challenge to help others. The task was a collective total of 20,000 kicks performed in one sitting. We had 12 students put themselves forward and they were grateful for some help from their mums and dads during the afternoon also. Each student sourced friends and family to sponsor them for the challenge and all proceeds will be going to charity.


We started off in lines of 3 with each student performing 10 kicks at a time. All kicks had to hit the target with contact and be above waste height. As time went on the group had to come together to keep each other motivated and focused on the job in hand. The group reached the 10,000 half way point just after 2pm. At that point parents had started to limber up and they were jumping in to hold pads, tally strikes and even throw some kicks. The atmosphere was fantastic and everyone remained so positive all the way until the end. We were shocked at the pace the children started and what was even more impressive was how they continued with the same momentum all the way to the end.


We finished with a group of tired students and parents but everyone came away feeling accomplished and satisfied that the afternoon was spent working to help others. Proceeds are being collected in the coming 2 weeks of which 50% will be allocated to those WAKO GB members who have been selected to represent Great Britain at the European Kickboxing championships in Spain this August. The remaining 50% will donated to Children’s Hospice South West and the Jessie May Trust in association with the Impact Trojans Charity Rugby programme.


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