Beginners Sparring Academy Graduation – May 2018

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Many congratulations to the following students, who have just completed the 8 week Beginners Sparring Academy; Evie Jones, Sam Gifford, Harry Fletcher, Jet Morgan, Tilly Fowler, Louisa Alford, Alfie Allen, Jed Knight, Manning Yeomans, Max Prewitt, Lawrence Hinchcliffe and Travis Cecil.

Senior Coach, Andy Gill commented ‘all students have improved greatly with their technique and their understanding of all aspects of the classes covered, they now all now need to practice these techniques and implement this knowledge in their weekly classes’. A special mention to Evie Jones, who showed superb progress and improvement.

Andy also said a huge thank you to his assistant coaches, Amy Kingscott, Ben Davies, Ben Gill, Katie Williams and Jess Andrews. They have given up their time each week and made this one of the best academies to date.

Following this course, a 3 week trial in the Advanced Sparring Academy has been given to Jet, Tilly and Louisa. And a huge well done to Evie, Sam and Harry, who have been invited to move up to the Advanced Sparring Academy.

Congratulations again to everyone who completed the Beginners Sparring Academy. The date for the next course will be announced soon.

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