EPIC day out at CIMAC adidas open

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EPIC Day out at the CIMAC

Yesterday EPIC took a squad of fighters to the CIMAC adidas open at Windsor and got some great results.

There were some tough divisions in this point-accumulation league, where we saw gold, silver and bronze medals won all over the place.

With Andy Gill, Kam Doyle and of course Andy Cleeves coaching- the fighters had experience behind them.

George ‘Georgeous’ Sherlock, Justin ‘warlord’ Worland, Harvey Tyler

Fin Haynes

David ‘Giggsy’ Thorpe, Michael ‘SuperCooper’ Cooper, Harvey Tyler, Harrison ‘Jeff’ Doyle.

Teia Doyle, Grace Chandler, Dylan Hunt and Matt Roberts also competed but were unlucky not to make the podium.

The support from the epic members who travelled was, as usual, the loudest there. We are proud of the clubs achievements on and off the mats this year so far and our continued success.

lets keep pushing forward team!

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