EPiC Gym Charity Challenge

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39 EPiC members recently completed a mammoth charity challenge for Medical Aid for Palestine.

Those who took part either chose to run 4 miles, cycle 10 miles or complete 250 burpees every 4 hours, for either 24 or 48 hours.

This idea was thought up by Rakan Sabbah, co-owner of EPiC Gym Portishead, to support a charity very close to his heart.

The challenge was a huge success and every participant completed their chosen time frame. Over £5,000 has now been raised for charity and those that took part and spectators celebrated the end of the challenge with a BBQ for all members.

Rakan commented ‘It was such a great sight to see the EPiC community come together to smash this challenge out the park. We are so lucky to have such an amazing community spirit at the gym, people put themselves out of their comfort zones to complete this tough challenge as a team.’.

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