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Team EPIC took just short of 50 people to the Irish capital to be a part of the worlds biggest kickboxing tournament.

2016’s IRISH OPEN had 4126 competitors! The arena is huge at the Citywest Hotel, with upper tiered seating holding around a capacity of 2000 people it is a massive place. Although this number wasn’t anywhere near full at any point, the atmosphere from above was amazing and really helped our fighters on the big stage.

Our fight team that travelled: Harvey Tyler, Zachary Diallo, Finlay Haynes, Brooklyn James, Molly Hershaw, Alex Fellender-Evans, Sophie Vallender, Kairon Rowlands, Martyn Rowlands, Matt Roberts, Gio Marchese, Carmen Jones, Harry Rhodes, Kam Doyle, Harrison Doyle, Ellie Doyle, Teia Doyle, Grace Chandler, George Sherlock, Pearce Cruse.

A massive thank you to the parents of the younger generation for the commitment and great atmosphere created when our warriors fought.

Placed finishes:
1st- Martyn Rowlands, Kam Doyle
2nd- Gio Marchese
3rd- Harvey Tyler, Carmen Jones, Matt Roberts

A further well done to all of our competitors for making it onto the tatami’s! There were some very good moments from the championship: The King moment was when Kam Doyle (15) won the 16-18 year category, becoming Irish Open champion after 5 years of trying.

Next year the capacity of competitors is being capped at 4000 so we will announce when tickets go on sale and that will be time to get them!



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