An EPIC Mother’s Day at the KWON Grand Slam series in Birmingham

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North Solihull Sports Centre 15.03.15

Kwon proved to be a happy hunting ground for the EPIC team giving a lot of mother’s reason to be very happy on their special day with gold, silver and bronze medals the gift of choice from their children. Once again there were many excellent performances (even if it didn’t always lead to medals) but special mention must be made of Kam Doyle who also took on coaching responsibility as well as competing himself in 3 categories. It was a hectic day for the young EPIC hero but not only did he step up to the plate superbly as Coach he still found the focus and determination to take gold in all three categories he entered, across points and continuous, a truly remarkable achievement.

It was a day full of achievement for the team, producing some truly excellent results and numerous medals including gold, silver and bronze for Kam’s siblings, Harrison losing his final on first to score but still gaining silver and bronze in continuous and Ellie achieving an amazing gold and silver in points and continuous to cap an excellent day for the Doyle family. It was also an excellent tournament for Charlotte Fellender-Evans who came 2nd in the girl’s 9-15 -37kg point’s fighting, a remarkable achievement considering that this was charlotte’s first competition outside of the local interclub. Alex Fellender-Evans ensured that it was a memorable and rewarding day for the family by securing 1st in the 8 and under novice semi -contact -125cm (point’s fighting) and 2nd place in the 8 and under novice light contact -125 cm (continuous).

Harvey Tyler had another great tournament, coming first in 1st in int/adv light contact -135cm and 2nd in int/adv points -135 cm, just losing out to team mate Harry Rhodes in a great final and he would like to add a special thanks to stand in coach Kam Doyle “who was amazing.” Harry also competed in the 8yrs and under +20kgs and although he didn’t place he  had 3 excellent fights, losing his 3rd fight by 1 point and just missing out on getting into the quarter finals.

Hayden Challenger also had a great day, achieving a gold in light contact, a silver in points and a bronze in light contact and narrowly missed out on a third place finish in his fight off. Overall it proved a very good day at the office for all the EPIC competitors as the team continues to go from strength to strength and gain in vital experience as they work through a packed 2015 calendar of events.

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