EPiC End of year celebration 2022

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2022 has been a great year for EPiC Martial Arts & Fitness, which was celebrated at Mojo Active on Sunday 12th December.

Our fitness community is thriving, with the return of the EPiC Body Transformation courses and continued improvement in our classes and weekly timetables.

EPiC Martial Arts has continued to welcome many students through the doors to teach them the positive benefits of Martial Arts. For the first time since 2019, we have held 3 Little Dragon and Kids Gradings in a year. This is a great opportunity for parents / careers to see how well their children are doing in classes. The November grading was the largest ever, with over 250 students taking their first / next step on the Martial Arts journey.
November also saw the Higher Kung Fu and Kickboxing grading. EPiC Nailsea, coached by Sophie Valender, saw their first student achieve their Black belt in Kickboxing, a huge achievement and accumulation of many years of hard work and dedication.

The EPiC Fight Team has seen the return of National and International competitions. February saw the British Championships in Nottingham, where several students became National WAKO Kickboxing Champions.
April and June saw the return of the GB Grandslam series, in Bath and Crawley.
In July, 9 students were selected to represent Team GB at the Kids, Cadets and Juniors World Kickboxing Championships. This competition was held in Italy in October. Every student performed at their highest level against the best fighters in the world. EPiC had multiple medal winners and some incredible fights, the highlight being 2 new World Champions from the club. We are very proud of all the fighters who not only represented the club superbly, but worked so hard in the training camp leading up the championships.
The Bristol Open was also held in October, and EPiC MA topped the medal table, with a huge haul of 19 gold medals.

What a year, roll on 2023, it’s going to be EPiC!

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