Member Weekly Update WC Mon 16th Jan 2017

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*** Attention WEEKLY UPDATE ***


Afternoon lovelies, it’s Monday and the team are fired up for more progress! We have started the year as we mean to go on with two amazing competition performances and with so much to look forward to it’s important that we remind you about all of the exciting things ahead for you and your children.


Just before I do I wanted to inform you of a few things that have happened already in Jan:


  • Sat 14th saw the start of a new intake at our weekly sparring academy in Filton. This is an invite only session run by senior coach Andy Gill and team every Saturday from 11am-12noon. After lots of students successfully graduated in Dec 16 we are very excited about the new comers starting our development program. The session is designed to help members from all our locations that are interested in learning the fundamentals of sparring in a view to progress into club and then national competitions. The session also acts as a selection process for considering new members for our national competition squad Team EPIC. If you are interested in your child being considered for the program please discuss with your instructor.


  • Sat 14th also saw the start of our weekly advanced sparring class taking place every Saturday in Filton. This is for Team EPIC members only and gives our competition team a chance to meet up once a week on top of our additional Squad trainings. If you have graduated from the academy and are a member of the team please do your best to attend the weekly session starting at midday.


  • Weekly advanced sparring that was taking place in Filton every Thursday is no longer running. This has allowed Senior Coach Gio Marchese more time to concentrate on development of our competition team and attend more competitions. His increased focus will surround ring combat and mat continuous and we are busy compiling a number of seminars and sessions to help student’s progress in these areas. We want our competition team to be cable of multi disciplines and be well versed in all the stand up combat arts. Gio’s increase involvement will also see him welcoming beginners again very soon as he starts new weekly sessions on a Friday in Brislington. More details of the new class options will follow shortly. In the meantime for those adults and children that are missing the Thursday advance sparring class please remember that Bristol Central with Matt Roberts and Team Captain Kam Doyle is available to all Gold members every Thursday from 6.45-8pm.


  • Yesterday we had a superb outing at the KWON Grand Slam Series. I am sure all of you have seen lots of updates surrounding our success however look out for the comprehensive report that will be posted on our website news page later this evening. In summary our army of 36 competitors cam away from one of the UKs largest competition series securing 12x Gold, 16x Silver and 15x Bronze medals! Various press releases have gone out today so please also look out for the results in your local newspaper.


  • On Sat 14th we also helped our young student Toby Parker from EPIC Nailsea celebrate his 5th birthday EPIC style. Please remember that we run EPIC Birthday parties at both our Chepstow and Portishead locations so feel free to email jane@ if you are interested in making your child’s birthday party a little different this year.


So lets talk about all the diary dates we have to look forward too in Jan and Feb:


  • Our next EPIC Lil Dragon & Beginner Kids Interclub takes place Sat 28th Jan @ the hub gym in Portishead. Full details including how to register can be found at It’s been great to see all of the registrations rolling in but we still have lots of students who would benefit from taking part that are yet to register. If you are unsure about the suitability of your child to take part then please ask your instructor. An updated list of registrations will be posted in the coming days.


  • Our next National Competition for Team EPIC members only will be The Watford Open National Championships taking place Sun 29th Andy Gill will be posting registration details and travel arrangements in the next few days but in the meantime if you would like to consider divisions, timings and costs more event information can be found at


  • Our next Team EPIC Squad Training Session will run Sat 4th Feb @ the hub gym Portishead from 1.30-4.30pm. This is invite only and a MUST attend for all team members.


  • We will be running two half term courses in the Feb Half Term:

Tues 14th Feb @ hub Portishead from 10-3pm

Thurs 16th Feb @ hub Chepstow from 10-3pm

More details will be uploaded to our website and Facebook events created very shortly.


  • Our next club competition the EPIC Open will take place Saturday 11th This will be one of two EPIC Open’s that will be held in 2017 as part of the new South West Series. The 5 event comp series will take place as follows:


EPIC Open Feb Portished | BBBA Open Apr Cornwall | Urban Open Gloucester June | BBBA Open Sept Exeter | EPIC Open Dec Chepstow


Fighters will be able to win points at each event that will contribute to additional awards fro overall winners at the end of the series.


  • Our next evening show and club social Total Valour 4 will take place Sat 24th Feb 2017 @ Gordano School in Portishead. The fight card is fully underway and if anyone is interested in being matched then please inbox me. Tickets will be available very soon for those interested in joining us for night of competitive bouts and entertainment.


  • Other dates in Jan and Feb to remember:


BKFA Brown Sash Course Sun 29th Jan

WAKO British Championships Sat 18th and Sun 19th Feb

Fund Raising – Bag Packing at Tesco Golden Hill Sun 26th Feb


Finally remember all diary dates will be uploaded to our website and Facebook events created to provide as much comprehensive information about each offering as possible however if you have any questions please talk to you instructor or feel free to contact us direct.


If you are yet do so please write us a 5 Star review on or Facebook Page at:


We would also love a Google review, which can be done by searching “EPIC Martial Arts” in the Google search bar and then simply clicking the “Write a review” box on the right hand side of the web page.


That’s it for now but if you need any further information on any of the above please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Thanks peeps






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