Multiple World Champion – Elijah Everill Seminar

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Team EPiC students were recently fortunate enough to take part in a training seminar, with 13 time WAKO World Kickboxing Champion, Elijah Everill.

Even though the EPiC Fight Squad is currently unable to compete, we are ensuring they are still training and learning, and there is no one better than Elijah, who is the best Tatami fighter in the world.

An expert in Point Fighting, Light Continuous and Kick Light, there is no better person to inspire our students, whether they are just starting on their competition journey, or are experienced competitors.

Elijah passed on some of his expert tips and training drills, to ensure once the competitions resume, Team EPiC will be competing with the best around, at the top competitions in the UK and around the World.

Many thanks to Elijah for sharing his expertise with Team EPiC.

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